The notorious “disputabilità” Taste seems to point out the Beauty as inextricable labyrinth. Nothing could be more fallacious. Instead, it is comforting to know that they can trust and trust aesthetics than ethics. Certain ethical fact allow abominati behaviors from others. Not so the aesthetics in which a universality that far from approval is traceable promotes diversity not preclude the usability by different cultures.
Praise the beauty is thus arranged in beautiful social behavior even before being invocation to the Muses. It was a scholar to claim that to commit atrocities must be devoid of imagination could not last – if not in the degenerative – admit the representation of acts of others suffering generators, as well as his own.
The afternoon and evening of 16 December 2008 the House of Poetry, at the Palazzina Liberty, was celebrated a serene ceremony dedicated to Beauty. No complacency aesthetic misled the mixture flowing of hours and poetic pauses that they scanned. They were reminded of the origins of a simple movement that just because sober not caused a sensation, overwhelmed by ideological becerume. That movement – the Mitomodernismo – liked than it seemed at the origin and had followers, even distinguished.
Revive the primacy of beauty now appears also an indication ethics not to be corrupted by his despairing deviation. Rapes, ladrocinii, organ trade, childhood abuse are acts that you never, ever concilierebbero with an aesthetic sensibility, whatever it was. Love Beauty is educational. Concomitant disregard for the “Fine Arts” and the spread of obscene behavior could not be accidental.
During the joyous ceremony cellist Andrea Favalessa executed a subdued Elegy for solo cello, Davide Anzaghi dedicated to the “Adventures of Beauty”. The aura of gently mournful elegy seemed to allude to the “misadventures” of Beauty. The song was pausato by short touches of a small triangle – entrusted to the same cellist – alluding to the tyrannical time of clocks which, reminding us of the inevitable passing of days, would require, peremptory, that you do not lose any more time: that was not dedicated love and art, including that of loving.
The ruthlessness of the hard daily work may be consoled by un’ubiqua Beauty remember that every unhappy – that is, to all men – that of beauty you can live well die. Ugliness of you may just die, at any time of life.

David Anzaghi